Thursday, December 14, 2017

EXPO-PLU$ Event Cancellation Insurance

The EXPO-PLU$ Event Cancellation Insurance Plan is designed to minimize possible event cancellation losses. It offers coverage for your event losses caused by unforeseen circumstances.

EXPO-PLU$ Event Cancellation Insurance Coverage Event Insurance Coverage

EXPO-PLU$ Event Cancellation Insurance

Let us worry about your Event Cancellation Insurance

Event Cancellation Insurance is important because your event, big or small, requires detailed planning and, very often, substantial financial commitments. Yet, even the best plans are at the mercy of uncontrollable outside forces. Event Cancellation Insurance will help you minimize those unforeseen losses.

The questions though, is: How much insurance do you need, and what should you cover? A wrong answer could cost you plenty!

Let Mercer Consumer, a service of Mercer Health & Benefits Administration LLC, do all the legwork for you by helping you determine the Event Cancellation Insurance coverage you need for your organization and event!. We understand what challenges you face and can develop a comprehensive range of coverage designed to meet your needs. We’ll provide you with a FREE, no-obligation quote specifically designed for your event.

How does our EXPO-PLU$ Event Cancellation Insurance help you?

  • Event Cancellation Insurance helps weigh the odds in your favor. Its comprehensive range of coverage is designed to provide broad protection not only for your expenses, but also your anticipated income.

  • You are covered whether your event is cancelled, postponed or cut short. You can feel confident you are protected against loss, no matter how large or small your event may be.
  • Don’t you have enough to worry about when planning your event? Why should you also worry about strikes, power failures, floods, fires, and venue collapse or damage? With EXPO-PLU$ Event Cancellation Insurance, you won’t have to.
 Special Event Liability Insurance Policy

Special Event Liability Insurance is short-term liability coverage designed for one-time events.
Special Event Liability Insurance coverage provides broad protection if you must defend yourself against potential lawsuits, pay for property damage to third parties, or defend yourself against personal injury claims.

Learn more about Special Event Liability Insurance or get your EXPO-PLU$ Event Cancellation Insurance Quote today.

*The above is an overview of the policy form and is subject to all the terms, conditions, limitation and exclusions stated in the policy form.

EXPO-PLU$ Event Insurance Coverage Includes
  • Keynote Speaker Cancels
  • Blizzards
  • Fire Damage To Hotel
  • Hurricanes
  • Water/Flood Damage
  • Union 'Slow Downs'
  • Airline Delays
  • And more

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